The amount of oxygen that fish can get is limited by the surface area of their gills, explained Dr. William Cheung. As fish get bigger, “the growth of the area of the gills cannot keep up with the growth of the body,” he said.

Human motion remains a hard puzzle for animators. Help is on the way with DeepLoco, a new machine learning algorithm that helps animated characters learn how to move in realistic environments. It still faceplants a lot, though.

In 2011, Warner Brothers approached Schreyer to develop the Kryptonian language for Man of Steel. Her background in reviving and protecting endangered languages made her the perfect candidate to create an imaginary language.

Have you ever seen a face that wasn’t really there? If your food looks terrified and your mop is giving you the stink-eye, don’t worry — you’re not crazy. Local artists are exploring our ability to see faces everywhere & a scientist explains how.

The study results indicate strong negative reactions against children that aren’t vaccinated. But we shouldn’t blame anti-vaxxers, because the majority of people who are under-vaccinated are just delaying vaccinations due to time constraints.

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