New year, new you, new apps

It’s been two weeks since you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions and the confidence you once had in keeping them is waning. Not to worry! Here is a list of the most common resolutions and the apps that will help you achieve them. If saving money was on your list, you’re in luck — they’re all free!

Get fit — MapMyRun

Available: Google PlayApp Store

MapMyRun combines the typical features of a GPS run tracker with social and fitness wearable elements.

In addition to tracking the distance and pace of your runs, it also saves your routes, which you can share with other users or keep for yourself. The user interface is fluid and intuitive, with on-screen live tracking and music controls. Performance stats are instantly shareable with your in-app community, Facebook and Twitter. The app plays nicely with the most popular fitness devices (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, etc.), allowing you to import data and track a wide breadth of activities including cycling, workouts and yoga.

Spend less, save more — Checkout51

Available: Web, Google PlayApp Store

Checkout51 is a no-brainer, why-are-you-not-already-using-it way to save money on your grocery bill without coupon clipping. Simply browse through their weekly updated offers on common household products and produce, purchase at any store, then upload the receipt with an in-app camera for cash-back. You can expect to knock a dollar off just about everything you buy! In the pantry this week: bacon, Lay’s potato chips and Dole fruit cups.

Sounds too good to be true? It's not.

Eat healthier — Lifesum

Available: Google PlayApp Store

Lifesum is your personal nutritionist. Right away, you are asked for your goal — “be healthier,” “lose weight,” or “gain weight.”

After giving the app basic information about your body, you are greeted to your personal nutrition dashboard to reach those objectives. Lifesum breaks down your daily diet into meals, then tracks your calorie, carb and protein intake based on the food you eat for each meal.

The magic lies in the ease of inputting your diet into the app. Having PB&J for lunch? Use the built-in barcode scanner to scan the peanut butter, jam and bread — it’s as simple as that (or choose from their rich database of pre-loaded foods). The interface is very similar to Mint, with pleasing graphs and trends to monitor your diet.

Although the app is free, a paid subscription unlocks more detailed tracking, recipes and more.

Learn something new — Udemy

Available: Web, Google Play, App Store

Expand your knowledge with Udemy, an online learning platform rich in content and ideas.

Whether you’re looking to develop your own app or simply learn how to use Excel, the diverse marketplace of video courses hosted on Udemy has you covered. Although a wide variety of subjects are covered, programming and I.T. are the main focus.

The video player is not as refined as YouTube, but does not take away from the learning experience. Many introductory courses are free, with more complex ones coming at a price. Make sure to search for promo codes that offer steep discounts.

Every course comes with a money-back guarantee through Udemy, and unlike, there is no subscription fee. Happy learning!

Fall in love — Meetup

Available: Google PlayApp Store

Meetup is for those who believe it takes more than a swipe to the right to find that special someone. It’s an answer to the question that has stumped mankind since the dawn of time — where can I meet other singles?

Upon a quick registration and profile creation, you are greeted with a dashboard of local events and meetups that fit your interests and hobbies. Meet like-minded individuals without the need to spend hours crafting a perfect bio and headshot. From dining to adventure, no matter who you are or what you’re into, there’s probably an event out there for you.

Get organized — Google Calendar

Available: WebGoogle PlayApp Store

Having a calendar and writing things down is your best bet at staying organized.

Google Calendar makes it easier than ever. From more advanced features such as syncing multiple accounts or simply noting down when an assignment is due, Google Calendar will make sure you never miss a meeting or appointment again.

Events created on one device will automatically get pushed to all your devices, iOS or Android. Use its built-in list manager, Google Tasks, to prioritize and record activities. Of course, there is a plethora of calendar applications that will do the job. The important thing is to get in the habit of jotting down.

Travel to new places — Hopper

Available: Google PlayApp Store

Hopper gets you flights for less. In addition to color-coded calendars of flight prices, the app contains a predictive algorithm that tells you when is the best time to buy.

Have a destination in mind? Add it to your watch-list and you will receive instant notifications when prices drop. Unlike Google Flights, you can book directly within the app using its elegant and intuitive interface, unlike that of basically every airline website ever.

Airfare, much like the human brain and automatic transmissions, is just one of those things that no one understands. Good thing you don’t need to with Hopper.

Be less stressed — Smash Hit

Available: Google PlayApp Store

De-stress with Smash Hit, a Zen-inducing, endless runner game featuring beautiful graphics and a relaxing soundtrack. Journey through a series of tunnels and smash your way through obstacles. The game’s core concept is simplistic, and leans heavily on its impressive visual style and stunning design that teleport you to another world filled with crystalline structures and glass facades. Gameplay is engaging yet challenging, and just a little too addictive.

Spend more time with family — Heads Up

Available: Google PlayApp Store

Gather the family and play Heads Up, a trivia-styled party game that will entertain the whole crowd! Similar to charades, take turns holding a phone up to your forehead as everyone else acts, sings and dances their way to helping you guess as many words as possible before time runs out. You can also form teams for some friendly competition. Between playing out scenes from Titanic and Schwarzenegger impressions, belly-aching laughs are guaranteed.