Happy birthday to Ubyssey Science! These are the highlights of our first year

Last year The Ubyssey decided to dive into the world of science and technology. Here’s our mandatory, self-congratulatory post about the coolest things we’ve done in the last 375 days (yes, we missed our own birthday).

Here’s a really, really quick list: erections, weed, opioids, toilet paper, robots, stupid Americans, floating, giant wood buildings, NASA, more NASA and a little bit of Santa.

If you haven’t been following Ubyssey Science since the beginning, here’s what you should read to catch up. And start following us already (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat).

Science features

Float On

Illustration Jerry Yin / The Ubyssey

Flotation tanks appear to be having their mainstream moment — so what is floating like, and what does the research say?

Behind the scenes of the tall wood building

File photo Josh Medicoff / The Ubyssey

Science, engineering, architecture, design, student housing and a whole lot of wood. Learn about how UBC built one of the world’s tallest wood buildings in just a few months.

Editor’s picks

Why is Vancouver so rainy?

Illustration Julian Yu / The Ubyssey

You know you want to know.

UBC's MS Clinic is at the forefront of research and treatment

File photo Will McDonald / The Ubyssey

The clinic is one of the best in the world.

Do graphic abortion protests actually work?

File photo Will McDonald / The Ubyssey

It’s complicated.

Science with Santa: a conversation with UBC's new president on science, learning and Star Trek

Illustration Aiken Lao / The Ubysey

Santa is a scientist — here what he’s got to say.

Most-read stories of the year

The section saw over 50,000 unique page views in the last year — so what were people reading?

1. UBC student discovers four new planets

Photo courtesy Martin Dee

Beating NASA at their own game since 1918.

2. NASA and UBC team up to map an asteroid with lasers

Photo courtesy NASA / Kim Shiftlett

Lasers can do literally anything.

3. Are you smarter than American?

Illustration Mary Buckland / The Ubyssey

We really hope so.

4. New dwarf planet found near Neptune

Image courtesy Alex Parker / OSSOS team

If it has to do with NASA, people like reading it...

5. What does science have to say about abortions?

Know the facts: they are safe, don’t hurt the fetus, don’t cause PTSD and so much more. 

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