It’s that time of year again, when UBC Recreation offers a wide array of free classes that cause even the most unathletic students to consider getting their 60 minutes worth of daily physical exercise.

What can you expect? A huge all-campus party, that just so happens to centre around a football game between the 'Birds and the University of Saskatchewan Huskies — but it doesn’t just start at kick off. In fact, the celebration started earlier this week.

Everything went well for the first 50 minutes — we outran everyone on the gradual uphill climb through the greenery and up the muddy hiking trail. That is, everything went well until I reached the trail sign of 4 km and turned back to check on the group.

As explained by women’s division captain Sukhman Chahal, though UBC itself has many martial arts clubs at UBC, the publicity in 2015 around sexual assault on campus showcased a gap in the combative clubs available to students: self-defence.

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