38th annual Storm the Wall to feature new wall challenge category

It’s March again and UBC's most iconic event is quickly approaching. 

What started as an intramural event developed by Nestor Korchinsky in the 1970s has become a UBC tradition. The competition will be take place for the 38th time this year from March 20-23. Amy Gibson, the marketing coordinator of UBC Recreation, gave some input as to why the event has been so unique to the school’s culture for so many years. 

“Getting to end the academic term with something to bring friends and everyone together as a community — I think that’s really what resinates with the community,” said Gibson. “It’s so unique in that you have to work together to storm a wall.”

As with previous years, students will be swimming, biking and sprinting across campus before storming the wall at the finish line. Although the event format has remained more or less the same over the years, event organizers have incorporated a brand new challenge to the competition. 

“We have the wall challenge category this year,” said Gibson. “Any team registered can sign up to do the challenge and that’s purely timed. Teams try to get all five of them over the wall as fast as they can.” 

With an exciting new category added to a competition with over 700 teams signed up, this year’s Storm the Wall is poised to be a memorable one and possibly even the biggest yet.