5-on-5: Rowdy Rookies

It is a new season with new rookies to get excited about. Not only are some players new to their respective teams, but they may also be experiencing campus life for the first time. The first T-Birds 5-on-5 of the year is kicking off with five athletes who are new to the Thunderbird scene. Where are the the best places to eat, study and use the bathroom on campus? These five froshees know possibly nothing about these kinds of things, but we asked them anyway.

Henrik Hole (HH): men’s volleyball

Laura Taylor (LT): women’s hockey

Mia Bottrill (MB): swimming

Mikayla Ogrodniczuk (MO): women’s hockey

Nike Azuma (NA): men’s soccer 

1) What are your goals for the season?

HH: To become Canada West champions and to win Nationals.

LT: Support the team in any way that I can, improve as much as I can every day and enjoy the experience!

MB: To podium and win at CIS!!

MO: My number one goal this year is to not have to wear our team’s fantastic vibrant pink helmet for on-ice warm up. It’s a gorgeous helmet, but I just don’t pull off pink very well.

NA: I’d like to do my part to help the team win another championship. It would be great to have our senior players graduate on a high note.

2) Which sport would you like to play other than your own?

HH: Hockey.

LT: Skiing!  I might have secret skills in this area...

MB: Soccer.

MO: I started playing soccer way before I ever played hockey — I’d like to shake the rust off a little bit one day.

NA: I would play futsal which is a really technical 5-a-side indoor soccer game. Or I would join a swim team because I enjoy being in the water.

3) What is your favourite thing about campus?

HH: The Pit.

LT: It's a getaway from the city and the responsibilities in my other life.

MB: The fountain!

MO: Without a doubt being so close to the beach and our breathtaking views.

NA: The campus is beautiful. I enjoy the daily walk down Main Mall when I’m heading to training at Thunderbird Stadium.

4) What is the worst piece of advice you have received?

HH: “You are lazy!”

LT: Ahh, it's not to be repeated.

MB: Can’t think of any!

MO: Let’s just say that the worst piece of advice I’ve received shouldn’t be repeated.

NA: People give advice with good intentions, but I don’t like the saying “you’ll get what you deserve” because it’s false for so many people in the world.

5) Who is your favourite Thunderbird?

HH: Alex Russell is my favourite because he is so nice and well behaved in practice and outside the court. However, he trash talks a lot during game.

LT: To be determined...

MB: Any of the women on the swim team! They're all awesome and a good time!

MO: Most definitely Thunder! When I was five, I won a scooter from the kids draw at a UBC volleyball game. Thunder was the one who awarded it to me … it made my week, even though I was barely old enough to ride it. 

NA: Our trainers Leo and Gevorg. They aren’t student athletes, but we get along well and they’re so important to the team. Actually, they both can hit really nice free kicks too.