T-Birds 5-on-5: Hoops Hopefuls

It's playoff time for UBC basketball with both the men's and women's teams hosting Canada West quarterfinals this weekend. For the women, who finished the regular season as the top team in the conference, a best-of-three series victory over the Regina Cougars would mean they'd host the Canada West Final Four next weekend. A top two finish there would send them back to CIS national championship tournament for the first time since they were silver medalists in 2012. To help T-Birds fans get ready for the action at War Memorial Gym, here's a special basketball-themed edition of the T-Birds 5-on-5 series.

The panel[/ub_subhead

Susan Thompson (ST): women's basketball (#14)

Harleen Sidhu (HS): women's basketball (#15)

Kris Young (KY): women's basketball (#6)

Stephanie Bell (SB): women's basketball (#7)

Cherub Lum (CL): women's basketball (#4)

1) What's your favourite basketball movie, and which character are you most like?

ST: Coach Carter but I'm feeling a little more like Bill Murray at the end of Space Jam -- going to go ice everything now.

HS: Space Jam. Lola Bunny. “Don't ever call me … Doll."

KY: Space Jam. Lola bunny because she is the only female other than the grandma.

SB: White Men Can't Jump, so I guess I'm most like Woody Harrelson's character, Billy Hoyle.

CL: Definitely Space Jam. Daffy duck because of my mumbling, fast-talking and also my big feet.

2) What's on your pre-game playlist?

ST: Mainly just my own rendition of “Drunk in Love.”

HS: I don't have a pre-game playlist. Whatever is playing in the team room right before the game is usually what pumps me up.

KY: My teammate Adrienne Parkin's playlist, filled with slow jams and oldies.

SB: Space Jam theme on repeat.

CL: R&B, always. “Fire Squad” [by] J.Cole, “Preach” [by] Drake, “Collard Greens” [by] SchoolBoy Q.

3) Tell us about a time when you were "Shaqtin' A Fool."

ST: When I try to showcase my handles. #smoothlikebarkley

HS: I've missed a few break away layups in my career but thankfully they've never cost us the game!

KY: The ref put out his hand to show me where to throw the ball in. I thought he was going for a high five … I was wrong.

SB: Is it bad that I had to Google what that was?

CL: When I look like I'm getting my ankles broken with nobody around me because my feet are like flippers. #WiltStumberlain

4) If you could play one on one against any player, past or present, who would it be?

ST: Jason Lyle any day.

HS: Stephen Curry, because well, he's Stephen Curry. And also because he was one of those players that many people didn't think would succeed in the NBA and he has proven them all wrong. He is now a two-time NBA All-Star and I think he would be a cool person to meet.

KY: Deb Huband back in her prime. Heard she was pretty good.

SB: Blake Griffin. So I could ask him on a date.

CL: Stephen Curry because it would make my teammate Cassandra Knievel jealous. “Chef Curry, with the pot, boi.”

5) Let's pretend you just won a yacht. What would you name it?

ST: "Yachtzee!"

HS: "Sea's The Day."

KY: "Wine-o-Clock" or "Young$Money."

SB: "I Like it a Yacht.”

CL: "(Che)rub a Dub Dub."

The UBC women's basketball team hosts the Regina Cougars at 6 p.m. on Friday, 5 p.m. on Saturday, and (if necessary) 2 p.m. on Sunday.

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