Make the most out of your last week of summer

It’s summer! No midterms, no papers, no finals, yet; you’ve got all the time in the world. And if you work, play hooky. In a place like Vancouver, you’re a little spoiled for choice, so we’ve picked out some things to do in Vancouver before the school year starts, fit for a high-spirited student on any budget.


Outside the city, there are picturesque views surrounding Vancouver that can only be reached by foot. Suggestions include Norvan Falls (for the less experienced hiker), Lynn Peak (for those liking more of a challenge) and of course, the Grouse Grind. Bring a couple of friends, put on your hiking boots and explore the back country.


A popular tourist activity is to take a stroll along the Seawall in Stanley Park. Rental bikes can range from $10-20 per hour, and the Seawall takes about two hours, but it’s a breathtaking coastal cruise that is worth the money. Bonus points if you spot UBC across English Bay en route.


Vancouverites are practically synonymous with yoga. There are yoga studios on almost every block on West 4th. Despite its overrated reputation, yoga is still a great way to channel your inner chill and relax while working off the post-finals high. Flexibility, while helpful, is not a requirement.

Beach days

Summer is the perfect time to kick back and feel the sand between your toes. Kits and Jericho Beach are a stone’s throw away from campus and are easily accessible by bike or public transit. What better way to enjoy the heat than grabbing some friends, a Frisbee or beach ball and having some fun in the sun?

Water sports

If you’re looking for a more water-themed activity to spend your time off with, then why not try water sports? You can rent a kayak or a paddle-board from rental companies on Granville Island, Kits and Jericho Beach, downtown or in Deep Cove. There’s nothing like beating the heat by surrounding yourself with water and friends.

Community centres

If you find yourself wanting to join a club, but can’t afford the equipment or the fees, then why not try your local community centre? Most will have a drop-in session where you can meet people who love the same sports or activities as you, plus there’s minimal fees and you can go with friends or by yourself. It’s an easy way to find a sports buddy who lives in the neighbourhood.

Make the most of your last few days of freedom before lectures, labs and exams are back for good.