Momentum change: Men's field hockey face second loss of season against Surrey Lions

After securing their second home win of the season last weekend against the Vancouver Hawks, UBC men's field hockey faced their second loss of the season on Saturday afternoon — falling 2-1 to Surrey Lions FHC.

Surrey Lions FHC forced UBC to start the offensive drive early, notching the first goal of the game in the fifth minute. With a quick pass in from the Lions midfield line, the ball deflected off an errant stick and chipped up into the top corner of UBC’s net.

A penalty corner just two minutes later looked to be an opportunity for the Thunderbirds to even things up — penalty corners have proven successful for the 'Birds the last several games, especially when taken at the hands of team captain Gordon Johnston — but a quick run out by the defensive players from their goal line closed down UBC’s shot. The ensuing rebound was equally squandered.

Although a flurry of penalty calls seemed to be putting a stop to any 'Birds momentum getting into the attacking half, UBC finally found the net in the 22nd minute. Having played their way through the Lions defence, UBC’s Jamie Wallace was the recipient of a set up pass. He took advantage of the space afforded to him by Surrey and put the home side on the scoreboard.

In the second half, the Lions would once again find the upperhand, playing their way to the front of UBC’s net and putting the ball into the back of the net with 19 minutes left to play in the game.

UBC's John Sharp turns to head back upfield for UBC.
UBC's John Sharp turns to head back upfield for UBC. Patrick Gillin

After that, play would not fall in UBC’s favour, as foul after fall would once again break up any fluid movement forward for the 'Birds while simultaneously taking minutes off the clock.

A penalty corner in the final minutes of the match looked to give the Thunderbirds one final chance to secure a tie, but Johnston’s shot blazed just outside the left post.

With just under two minutes to go, the 'Birds pulled a similar move to the Hawks last weekend, pulling their goalie for that extra man outfield. The Lions wouldn’t give the home side anything, though, launching the ball deep into the 'Birds end to run the clock down.

One last blast into the Lions' end by Johnston would find its way to the corner of the pitch, but time wouldn’t be on their side as the final whistle rang out. The final outcome was a 2-1 loss for UBC.

The Thunderbirds head to Vancouver Island next weekend to face the University of Victoria Vikes.