Places to Be: Thetis Lake

A few weeks ago, I was visiting Victoria, admiring its rustic landscapes and enjoying its slower pace of life. After my time travelling around, I was feeling quite lethargic on my last day there. I was longing for a relaxing activity that would be enjoyable enough to make the day worthwhile without being too taxing. I found that one spot that fit my needs: Thetis Lake Regional Park.

Having reached the parking lot, I made my way to the park’s entrance and got my first peek of the lake. People were walking around in their swimsuits having fun with their friends and family, swimming in the lake, paddle-boarding or simply relaxing on the beach.

I walked into what ended being a trail that surrounds the lake, climbing up to a rocky area that had an awesome view of the vastness of the lake and the forest below. There were children running around, looking for clues for a treasure hunt with various envelopes attached to tree trunks, people were walking their dogs and having a casual chit chat, and some were meditating on top of the rocks admiring the lake.

I have experienced few things in life that give me a sincere sense of serenity – Thetis Lake did that. The intense dark colour of the water and the pleasant greenery surrounding it, the slight breeze on your face leaving you with an appreciative smile and the surrounding trail that is easy to complete — they all contrast to give Thetis Lake its charm.

The lake has its own haunting tale as well. I was told by a fellow lake-goer that some youngsters drowned after reaching the middle islet of the lake, as they were engulfed by the rising tides. The man passionately believed that they were now somehow haunting the place. I left that interaction, thinking to myself that I did not need to flirt with fairy tales like he does — I was already wooed by the romance of the place.