UBC Quidditch and lacrosse are offering drop-in lessons this term — and they are free for students

UBC’s Quidditch and Lacrosse Thunderbird Sport Clubs (TSC) are looking to get their name out on campus — and students, staff and faculty can benefit with free drop-in lessons this year.

These lessons, being hosted throughout the term in the Student Rec Centre, differ from other UBC Rec-offered fitness classes as they are more of an introduction to each sport. Students will learn how to play either sport first and then get a chance to play a game. Current team members will be there to teach participants based on their skill level, while also practicing and enhancing their own skills.

“Going into fundamentals and being a teacher is probably the easiest [way] to learn and develop your skills because you do have to break it down to the basics,” said Tomas Syskakis, Lacrosse TSC club lead.

For students, “these are low-barrier opportunities for individuals to try a new sport or get involved in a sport they already know and love, but without the commitment of a team,” explained Ally Anderson, UBC Rec’s marketing and communications coordinator.

Though both Quidditch and lacrosse are physical sports, each team is taking precautions to ensure new players participate in a safe and fun environment. Wyatt Verchere, Quidditch TSC marketing and communications officer, emphasized that during the drop-in lessons, the focus will be on playing play in a fun, comfortable environment. The same goes for lacrosse, as Syskakis said that students will be using tennis balls and small sticks to focus on building familiarity and participants’ comfort levels safely.

Both Quidditch and Lacrosse TSC players will be working around their training schedules to make these drop-in lessons possible, with the teams alternating weeks for their drop-in programs.

The drop-in times are also subject to change — Syskakis suggested checking the TSC website for lesson availability.

The drop-in lessons are also available for the public for $5.50.