T-Birds 5-on-5: Candid competitors

This edition of the T-Birds 5-on-5 allowed athletes to respond candidly to the hard-hitting issues that all Thunderbirds are talking about – Vanessa Carlton music, CiTR fame, UBC’s birthday and the letter C. If you want to know why the column was almost titled “Cuddly Competitors” this week, check out question five.

Avril Li (AL): golf

Cole Larsen (CL): track and field

Matthew Sarmento (MS): field hockey

Spencer Latu (SL): football

Tony Ganton (TG): football

1) What song gets you fired up on the day of an event?

AL: Anything on A$AP Rocky’s new album will get me super pumped up.

CL: I actually prefer not to listen to music because I perform better when relaxed.

MS: Definitely varies depending on my mood. Usually some Eminem or some Jason Aldean. Like I said, it varies. You can even throw in “Intro” by The XX. 

SL: “Crazy In Love” by Beyoncé gets me feeling fierce and flawless before a game. 

TG: A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

2) If you had to spend the day as another athlete, who would it be?

AL: I would pick Rickie Fowler. I would like to ask him how he battled at such a young age to have the consistent success he has today.

CL: Teammate Thomas Kellner because he is a stud muffin.

MS: I don’t know him too well, but maybe fellow TAC member Liam Edward from men’s rugby. I mean … that flow! Come on!

SL: I would love to spend the day as Jordan Jensen-Whyte so I could fulfill my dream of dunking on someone.

TG: Sarah Korpach because I want to know what it’s like to be athletic, fast, smart and beautiful.

3) If you hosted your own radio show on CiTR, what would you talk about?

AL: My radio show will be all over the place. Of course it has to be golf related, but I also want it to be casual and as if I am talking to friends. Because my friend’s always comes to me for motivation/school tips, I would like my radio show to be like that as well! But most importantly, I will talk about fashion trends.

CL: I would like to promote aqua jogging – it’s a sport whose time has come.

MS: Have to go with sports talk. I would like to share my two cents about how the Flames suck and how the Canucks aren’t doing much better.

SL: The Spencer Latu Show would be an action packed hour consisting of myself reading Harry Potter books with a mouthful of peanut butter.

TG: Tattoos and hood rat things.

4) How have you been celebrating UBC's centennial year?

AL: I attended the UBC Millennial breakfast in March.

CL: I’ve been doing 100 hours of homework a week and attending more varsity games to support other teams.

MS: I’ve mainly been “soaking” up UBC’s centennial year with trips to the ice bath at the Allan McGavin physio room. National team and Thunderbird commitments have taken a toll on my poor body. Ha…ha…ha...

SL: Over 100 national championships and counting for the University of British Columbia.

TG: By winning another conference and national championship for UBC along with something that rhymes with “dah foxy.”

5) What's your favourite adjective beginning with a C? I will incorporate the best one into the title of this 5-on-5.

AL: Confident, candid, chic. :p 

CL: Chocolatey.

JB: I think what works best for this is cheesy!

SL: Chill.

TG: Cuddly.