T-Birds 5-on-5: off-season antics

For this edition of the T-Birds 5-on-5, five athletes discuss everything from their favourite pirates to their opinions on the renowned cinematic masterpiece, Titanic. They also discuss their training regimens over the summer months and share some advice for future T-Birds, while acknowledging that getting fat is a solid option, too.

Brian Im (BI): soccer

Claire Eccles (CE): softball

Jordan Deshane (JD): volleyball

Kate Johnston (KJ): golf

Matthew Sarmento (MS): field hockey

1) What will you do to keep fit this summer now that you aren't confined to campus 24/7?

BI: I’m hoping to stay fit by going on hikes as well as playing beach soccer, which hasn’t been ideal with the weather we’ve been having!

CE: I'll be playing ball all summer and the team has a gym we go to so I'll get my workouts in there.

JD: I will be playing beach volleyball, baseball (although you don't get very fit from that) and working out as much as possible.

KJ: Going on trail runs.

MS: I’d rather just get fat.

Matthew Sarmento
Matthew Sarmento UBC Athletics

2) What's your favourite pirate movie?

BI: The Goonies if it counts. Sloth is a legend. 

Brian Im
Brian Im UBC Athletics

CE: I'm not a big fan of pirate movies — I had nightmares after watching Pirates of the Caribbean when I was younger. Peter Pan

JD: Probably have to say the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

KJ: Have to keep it classic and go with Pirates of the Caribbean. 

MS: Has to be Hook. I wish I was Rufio.

3) What's one sport (other than your own) that you'd like to play over the summer and why?

BI: A sport that I’ve recently started to enjoy is golf and it’s only fun in the sun with the boys!

CE: Besides softball/baseball I really wish I could be playing beach volleyball and hanging out in the sun all day. Plus, it would help with my vertical.

JD: I love playing baseball in the off season because it's super chill and fun when the weather is nice.

KJ: Beach volleyball because it's a good excuse to be in the sun.

Kate Johnston
Kate Johnston UBC Athletics

MS: Softball. Work on crushin’ some dingers.

4) If you were ever lucky enough to be cast in Titanic: The Musical which character would you play?

BI: I’ve never watched Titanic but I would like to be a character that survives!

CE: I had no idea there even was Titanic: The Musical...

Claire Eccles
Claire Eccles UBC Athletics

JD: I’m not much of a singer, but if I were Jack I would definitely be skinny enough to squeeze onto that door.

KJ: Rose because at least she makes it off the ship.

MS: I would want to be the floating door after the boat sinks. There’s defs room for both Jack and Rose on there and I’d make that happen! 

5) What advice would you give to incoming T-Birds starting their varsity journeys this fall?

BI: I’d tell them to focus on their sport but not to forget to enjoy everything else that UBC offers! 

CE: Take advantage of being a varsity athlete and get to know other teams because it's a lot of fun.

JD: I would say be social — the T-Bird family is amazing — and definitely make as many friends as you can. Also, definitely make use of the varsity weight room and give yourself the best chance you can to make an impact on your team.

Jordan Deshane
Jordan Deshane UBC Athletics

KJ: Have fun and enjoy it. First year flies by!

MS: Do your best to meet as many people as possible. Say no to early morning gym sessions and yes to Pit nights.