T-Birds 5-on-5: Savvy swimmers

There are many controversial whispers floating around the new Aquatic Centre. Why is the sauna always broken? What’s up with the size of the change rooms? Is the lazy river as amazing as it sounds? Rest assured that in this week's T-Birds 5-on-5, our panel of swimmers can answer all of your questions about the new facility, as well as induce a sense of pseudo-nostalgia for the old one.

Darian Fry (DF)

Jonathan Brown (JB)

Maia Brundage (MB)

Megan Dalke (MD)

McKenzie Summers (MS)


1) What do you like most about the new Aquatic Centre? What do you like the least?

DF: What I love most about the new Aquatic Centre is having a bigger pool, a brighter pool deck with better lighting, cool lockers and the list goes on. To be honest, there are only minor things that I don't like. The only thing that bothers me is probably the small change room — it tends to get crowded.

JB: I really enjoy that I can walk into a bright pool as an escape from my daily existential dread. What I like least now is that I have no reason to feel sorry for myself.

MB: Favourite part — it's got water. Least favourite — I have to swim in it a lot.

MD: Most favourite — the cold water! Least favourite — all the Non-Athletic Regular People (NARP) that go to the pool now.

MS: Most — being able to see. I don't need a flashlight. Least — our team is pretty close, but we don't like rubbing shoulders with the public as we get naked in the tiny change room.

2) What will you miss most about the old Aquatic Centre?

DF: I think what I will miss the most is the rope swing and, for sure, the diving towers. Those two things were my favourite part of that pool.

JB: Honestly, I'm going to miss throwing our wet paper practice sheets at the roof.

MB: I'll miss tasting the tears of T-Birds past every time I hop in the pool. I'll miss the raspy cough that accompanies every breath. 

MD: Tasting asbestos every time I take a breath.

MS: Its tropical humidity. Stepping on deck felt like going on vacation.

3) If you were the demolition team, how would you destroy the old pool?

DF: If I were part of the demolition team, the best way to demolish the old pool would be using a wrecking ball. I would have a blast doing that!

JB: The same way we destroyed the other teams at U Sports nationals this year. Just ask them.

MB: Destroy it the way we destroy the patriarchy — one old white piece at a time.

MD: Drown it.

MS: Steve Price and Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball, followed by an army of current team-members and alumni with sledgehammers.

4) If you could make one improvement to the new facility, what would it be?

DF: The only thing that I would change or improve is to make the change rooms larger. Usually it gets pretty crowded in there.

JB: I would like to see a swim-up bar incorporated at the bulkhead side of the 50m tank — that way I can sneak in a mojito or six when the coaches aren't looking.

MB: Not to sound cocky (*cough* 4745 *cough cough*) but separate locker rooms for the varsity team. I mean, we paid for it.

MD: Add a retractable roof!

MS: Spicing up the place with some blue and gold and more T-Bird paraphernalia.

5) What is your flotation device of choice when floating in the lazy river?

DF: I would go for a floating mat so I can kick back, relax and let the river spin me in circles.

JB: The rookies.

MB: My ego #4745.

MD: The vets. 

MS: The hopes and dreams of bringing back another championship title in my fifth and final year.