T-Birds 5-on-5: Single Sportsmen

Valentine's Day is this week, and since we know it's everyone's favourite holiday, we thought we'd do a special two-part edition of the T-Birds 5-on-5 series featuring five T-Bird women and five T-Birds men. Not only are these athletes single and ready to mingle, they also shared their favourite date spots along with their best and worst qualities. Some even spilled the beans as to which T-Birds they're crushing on!

(To find out what the T-Bird women had to say, click here.)

The panel[/ub_subhead

Mac McNicol (MM): men's volleyball

Warren Reece (WR): football

Ray Bell (RB): men's rowing

Luka Zaharijevic (LZ): men's basketball

Brendon Wall (BW): men's hockey

1) What's your favourite sports-related pickup line or innuendo?

MM: “I wish you were on the football team because I'd love to see your backfield in motion.”

WR: “I hope you're ready to switch positions. You came here a tight end but you're going to leave a wide receiver.”

RB: “If you were a pair of Nikes, I'd be in and out of you all day.” From experience, 60 per cent of the time, this line works every time.

LZ:"I'm 260 pounds of handsome. Believe me, I can pick you up.” And “I hit threes all the time, but you can be my first ten.”

BW: "I promise I'm good for more than just a one-timer" is one of the better hockey lines I've heard.

2) Where is your favourite date spot on or near campus?

MM: Burgoo because it's easy to get comfortable with someone when you're eating comfort food.

WR: The Vod Lounge. They have a great atmosphere and beds in house!

RB: The Eatery ...

LZ: Trattoria Italian Kitchen on 4th Avenue. Like my father always tells me, “a real woman appreciates exquisite food.” Hence, you can never go wrong with taking a girl out to this fascinating Italian restaurant for an unforgettable evening. The pleasing appies, delectable dining, alluring music, luscious wine, along with the amorous atmosphere, makes this the ultimate hotspot for enticing romantic dates with the contemporary yet classical European flavour. The go-to order for my date is: the savoury 'Beef Carpaccio Pizza' to start. The heavenly 'Truffled Spaghettinni with Kobe Meatballs' and the piquant 'Linguine Gamberi' for entreés which we'd share to get the best of both worlds. For a mouth-watering confection, "Bombay Chai Cream Brûlée" and "Torta al Cioccolato al Latte" would finish the evening just right. Lastly, what good would a dining date be without a vibrant "House Red Vino" glass of wine? All in all, if you're that special girl, I'm taking you to Trattoria Italian Kitchen.

BW: The Pit on a Wednesday has produced some pretty fun dates over my time at UBC.

3) What would you say is your best quality? What about your worst quality?

MM: My best quality is being able to solve things for people. I am good at being resourceful and thrifty. My worst quality is that I'm too tall to fit through your door if you're in a basement suite.

WR: I've been told I'm a very generous lover. Hahaha just kidding. My worst quality is probably that I'm too sensitive.

RB: Best quality: I'm a really modest and charming individual. Chivalry is not dead, for example I always make sure the girl finishes first. Worst quality: I'm a really modest and charming individual. Chivalry is not dead, for example I always make sure the girl finishes first.

LZ: My best quality is my loyalty along with my charisma. I will never let you down and I will always make you smile, even if I'm not around. My worst quality is my weakness for kindness. Bonus: I would truly love to cook for you.

BW: I would like to think I have a pretty good sense of humour, but my worst quality is definitely having a couple drinks and finding myself on the dance floor, unless it's country music because I'm from the prairies and can two-step up a storm.

4) Which one of your team's plays would be a sex position and what would it entail?

MM: 'The three hitter rotation' is pretty self explanatory.

WR: 'Mug bananas black' because all the linebackers are coming.

RB: Well unfortunately rowing doesn't have any plays. However, I do remember our coxswain telling us to 'drop the hammer' in a really close race. Unfortunately that seems a little too crude, even for me, to turn into a sex position.

LZ: If one of my team plays was a sex position, it would have to be ... well ... ironically, our team's main two plays are called 'fist' and 'hand'. I'll let this answer be self-explanatory as I don't want to sound like a deviant pervert. I figure we can all use our imagination for this one.

BW: We have some plays called 'the scissor' and 'the over under.' Then there's also a team favourite called the 'shark tip' which I will leave to the imagination.

5) Which T-Bird are you secretly (or not-so-secretly) crushing on, and what would you like them to know?

MM: If she was a restaurant, she would be described as an unpretentious and local restaurant for social dining and bar experiences. If you figure it out, call me.

WR: Kat Davis. Ditch the zero and get with the hero.

RB: Liz Gleadle and Tera Van Beilen. I think the three of us should get to know each other ...

LZ: I don't crush on a single individual at the moment, however I am crushing on the women's softball team. I always keep a wider sphere of open space for potentials, that way I don't get disappointed. Also, shout out to the women's field hockey team. I'm single and ready to mingle! Holla at me!

BW: I've got a little crush on one of the soccer 'Birds after seeing them up in the gym a lot lately. I won't mention names though.

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