T-Birds 5-on-5: Vivacious Volleyballers

Get excited because the women’s volleyball team is taking over this edition of the T-Birds 5-on-5. They have been busy winning all of their games so far this season, but luckily they still found the time to divulge their innermost thoughts on things like flying squirrels and Air-Bud. There may be five years between these five teammates, but they are united by their supreme skills on the court as well as their fondness for Justin Bieber. If you haven’t already guessed, find out which tune the players unanimously voted as the team’s theme song this year.

Laura Worsley (LW): women's volleyball, first year

Ciara Hanly (CH): women's volleyball, second year

Alessandra Gentile (AG): women's volleyball, third year

Danielle Brisebois (DB): women's volleyball, fourth year

Alissa Coulter (AC): women's volleyball, fifth year


1) What would you say is the team’s official theme song for this year?

LW: Probably Sorry by Justin Bieber. Katie has really brought him back into our lives.

CH: Sorry by Justin Bieber because – in the words of Katie Crawford – that song is “hot fire."

AG: The song that Katie plays all the time in the team room.

DB: Well, based on the amount of times it’s been played in the team room so far, I’d have to say it’s currently Sorry by J Biebs. This is likely due to KC’s obsession with it.

AC: What gets played the most in the team room and sung around the gym is for sure Sorry by Justin Bieber.

2) What jersey number do you wear and what significance does it hold for you?

LW: My number this year is 18 because Kelsey took nine, but I figured it was a good one to settle on because 1+8=9 and nine doubled is 18!

CH: I'm 15 because Alissa took five.

AG: I am number 17. I chose it in my first year because 10 was taken (my house number) and so was eight (my school number), so I took 17 instead because it’s a prime number!

DB: I’m number 12 on our team! I’ve always liked it because it’s my birthdate (typical) and I must add that I really admire number 12 on the men’s team.

AC: My jersey number is five. I have always loved that number because it was my club number growing up. It is perfectly in the middle when you have to choose a number between 1 and 10, which makes me happy. Also, my dad’s volleyball number was six, so being five lets me be close to his number, but be a little different. 

3) If you were a superhero, what power would you have?

LW: I think I would be Elasti-Girl so I could finally touch my toes.

CH: Teleporting so I wouldn't have to travel to Brandon!

AG: I would like to have the power to move things with my mind like Matilda or Jean Grey in X-Men.

DB: My power would be the ability to fly so that I could go home to visit family and friends whenever I wanted to. Realistically, I’d probably be like “Super-Clean Girl” or something.

AC: If I were a superhero, teleporting would definitely be my super power. Sick of the rain? Poof! I’m in Hawaii. Hitting left side in volleyball? Poof! I’m on the right side. Don’t want to take the bus in the rain? Poof! I’m back in bed after class. I think it would be pretty great.

4) Other than a thunderbird, what is your favourite flying animal?

LW: Hippogriffs because it has always been my dream to fly on one!

CH: Go 'Birds or go home.

AG: I would have to say the Phoenix from Harry Potter because its tears have healing powers which is pretty cool.

DB: I personally enjoy hummingbirds. It’s probably because they are so small and speedy. I also think that owls are pretty majestic.

AC: A sugar glider. It’s an Australian flying squirrel and it’s basically the coolest animal. I had one growing up and you actually go through a bonding period where it falls in love with you. 

5) If Air Bud (renowned volleyball player) joined the team, who would be placed in charge of picking up after him on the road?

LW: I feel like that duty would get dumped on a fellow rookie.

CH: Not Siobhan [Finan]. She'd forget every time.

AG: Other than me, I am going to have to say Alissa [Coulter] because she has the next-best experience with that kind of stuff.

DB: For some reason, Alessandra [Gentile] comes to mind. Maybe it’s because of some stories I’ve heard from her that involve such activities. If she refuses, I suppose it’ll have to become a first year’s responsibility!

AC: I think Laura MacTaggart. She is a fellow Albertan and a true farm girl. She has the experience and knowledge to be the best pooper-scooper.