Yemen Appeal Charity Tournament: What, when and where to watch

The UBC Esports Association and the UBC Red Cross Club have teamed up to host a charity esports tournament to benefit the Canadian Red Cross Yemen Appeal.

Currently, four out of five people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian aid. Ever since political unrest descended upon the country in November of 2011, more than 100,000 fatalities have been recorded, and the situation has dubbed the largest humanitarian crisis in the world by the UN. With COVID-19 aggravating the situation, donations are running low and the citizens of Yemen are more than ever in need of help right now.

The tournament features amateur teams competing over three different game titles.

The tournament is open to players of any skill level within Canada and the United States, and the sign up fee is $10 for each team.

Tournament Schedule

The schedule for the event is as follows:

CSGO Wingman Tournament

To start off the event, teams of two will be competing in one of the oldest and most prestigious titles in esports. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a game that requires raw mechanical skill as well as high game sense. Tune in to watch gamers hit one taps, lurk through smokes and pull off insane clutches.

League of Legends Tournament

Arguably the most popular esport in the world, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game of strategy and skill, where two teams of five face off to destroy the other’s base. With over 140 champions to choose from, each match will be unique and full of surprises.

Valorant Tournament

Since its official launch this June, Valorant has become one of the most electrifying games in esports. This bracket will feature teams of five competing using various agents with different special abilities. This first person shooter tournament is one you do not want to miss.

Where to Watch

The Yemen Appeal Charity Tournament will be streamed on the UBC Esports Association’s Twitch channel. More information about the tournament and signup can be found at the UBC Esports Facebook Event page. Donations can be made to the Yemen Appeal here.