UBC fell 109-101 in the CIS Final 8 and it was the biggest victory of the season

UBC won last night.

Okay, maybe the score was 109-101 in Ryerson's favour. Maybe we won't be going to the semifinals of the CIS Final 8 tournament. Maybe we won't win the national title. But UBC won last night.

If you were at the basketball game, you know what I mean. If you weren't at the basketball game, you missed out big time. It was a record setting crowd, an unreal environment and one of the best — and most exciting — games of basketball I've ever seen.

First of all to the basketball players, coaches, trainers and everyone else involved in the team — you won last night. That was one of the hardest fought, well played and gracious losses the game has ever seen. You made the crowd fall in love with you and that is one hell of a feat after losing a playoff game. And when — after the final whistle — you turned around and applauded the fans, you showed everyone what UBC could be like. So thank you and congratulations.

To all the administrators, organizers and UBC employees who made the tournament happen, you won too. The students — and The Ubyssey — like to rag on you for whatever we can. But last night showed us that, all-in-all, you're pretty good at your jobs. Just don't expect anyone to go easy on you in the future. UBC is probably going to lose money on the tournament, even with tickets as expensive as they are. Hosting the Final 8 was really about showcasing UBC Athletics engaging students and the rest of Vancouver.

Finally to the fans, I'm now deaf in both ears, so thanks! Last night was incredible, but don't let it end there. UBC isn't done with the Final 8 just yet. They are playing McGill University Friday at 7 p.m. and if they win that, they will play for fifth place. The team showed it had more than enough heart to continue to win, the least we can do is show them some love.

Nice job UBC. Last night, you won.