The Ubyssey’s esteemed sports panel reviews first semester of T-Bird sports

The first term is over. There were winners. There were losers. All we can say for sure is that your best bet for heavily biased, knee-jerk sports coverage lies with our panel of editors.

"The most extraordinarily knowledgeable coterie of gaming authorities one could hope to assemble in 10 minutes of searching Taco Bell dumpsters." - The Ubyssey.

The Panel (pictured, from left to right):

NA = Nick Adams: Design Editor. Known for length, adored for girth.

CJ = CJ Pentland: Former Sports and Rec Editor. Man of the people, god of the lizards.

VB = Veronika Bondarenko: News Editor. Enjoys fluffy kitties and popcorn. Together.

AE = Austen Erhardt: Opinions Editor. Former dictator of defunct ex-Soviet nation.

JM = Jenica Montgomery: Culture Editor. Tastefully adorned with the skulls of her enemies.

1. Best team of the first semester?

NA: Men's soccer broke my heart so I'm giving it to the women's basketball.

CJ: The women's field hockey team continues to amaze. The women's cross country team also ran really fast.

VB: Women's hockey.

AE: The Ubyssey sports section.

JM: Not football.

2. Most disappointing team?

NA: See above.

CJ: Football is obvious, but the women's soccer team again couldn't make nationals and saw Andrea Neil step down as head coach

VB: Football.

AE: Whichever one lost the most.

JM: Football.

3. Who will be the best team for the remainder of the year?

NA: Women's baseball, stealing bases and hearts.

CJ: Both the men's and women's basketball teams will pump up the jams and make nationals.

VB: Men's hockey?

AE: Rugby.

JM: I guess the one that wins the most games/races/general sporting events.

4. How will the football team look next year without Shawn Olson?

NA: Angrier and hopefully more Friday Night Lights-y.

CJ: Rejuvenated, but still a year or two away from winning a conference title.

VB: Good, according to what other people tell me.

AE: There will be one less goatee.

JM: I don't see why the football team would change their outfits just because Shawn Olson's gone.

5. What's the best way for UBC to increase attendance at games?

NA: Beer. Free beer. Whiskey. Free whiskey.

CJ: SFU vs UBC. Find a way to make games happen.

VB: Offer free food and games with prizes.

AE: Partnering with the Calendar seems to be working out pretty well for them.

JM: Make it worth my while. I want sparklers, fireworks, loud (good) music ... the whole shebang. And I guess the sports team needs to win the sports thing too.

6. Which sport would you like to see played at UBC, that isn't?

NA: Polo. With horses and caps.

CJ: Flonkerton, the national sport of Icelandic paper companies

VB: Competitive Zumba.

AE: Judo would be neat.

JM: I want to see the caber toss come to UBC.

7. What's the best recreational activitiy on campus?

NA: Sex.

CJ: Campus golf reclaims the title for the third straight year.

VB: Zumba, kickboxing.

AE: Quidditch!

JM: Napping in the aquatics centre counts right?

8. If you played a varsity sport, what would it be?

NA: See above.

CJ: Flonkerton.

VB: That would never, ever happen.

AE: Probably track (long-distance running).

JM: Varsity Caber Toss (obviously).