Home(s) Creative Nonfiction

In the fall 2018 creative nonfiction supplement, writers share their experiences with the changing definition and challenge of finding home(s).


The whir of a tattoo machine is a homecoming, now — and each tattoo is a pillar of what makes me, me.

Home use to be a place that once I entered through the door, all worries about school and people slipped off my body like raindrops on Gore-Tex.

Google Maps is quite the tool. Just last week I perused my childhood home noting it was bluer than it’d been.

Home takes time to build and rebuild, to find and to treasure, to believe and then to feel.

A few short weeks before my graduation in May 2016, the wind started blowing a little harder in a different direction, and twenty-foot flames started eating up my town. Trees burned, gas stations exploded, and 70,000 people clamoured to get away.

It would be too easy to be uprooted by the mishaps of life if I wasn’t constantly surrounded by an inspiring environment or a place where I felt belonging.

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