Student Politics


“What sets me apart from the opposition [is that], in all honesty, I’m just someone who’s new to the game. I know there’s people who have been in the AMS for a while … but I think having an outside viewpoint is important in a lot of these things.”

“There’s always differing points of view … and because I’ve worked with a variety of people, I think that I have a pretty good ability and understanding on compromising and on working things out through discussion.”

Ross Horton appears to have left under good terms. In an email to staff, Bailey said he “would like to personally thank Ross for his hard work, dedication and commitment to supporting the students of UBC and the student leadership of the AMS.”

Lakhiyalov, a fourth-year cognitive systems and computer science major, is the current associate VP Finance for the AMS, vice chair of the fund committee and also vice president of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

Lakhiyalov is campaigning on a platform that includes creating a long-term sustainable financial plan, implementing professional development programs, and integrating financial systems and expanding their usage to all clubs and constituencies.

Lam announced his decision at the July 19 AMS Council meeting in closed session, which was entered upon his request. However, a public discussion about his resignation was held shortly after in the meeting.

They will have to “ensure student experience is well represented in UBC’s strategic plan, advocate for student-friendly allocations of the Excellence Fund and work to provide students with a strong voice in all aspects of the university.”

Three candidates are running to replace Jakob Gattinger as the permanent VP Academic and University Affairs (VPAUA) in the upcoming by-election. The candidates begin their campaigning period on September 12 at 12 a.m.

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