Bailey Ramsay

Here’s what it takes to transfer to UBC from a university in the US. Is getting into UBC easier or harder than immigrating to Canada? You be the judge. But please don’t crash the UBC website — we have enough problems with Connect already.

We've all been frustrated with our profs at one point another after getting a bad grade. However, someone has taken it to the next level and sent four philosophers, including UBC philosophy professor Carrie Jenkins, a manilla envelope full of shit.

“I've been fortunate enough to practice with these guys [the Vancouver Canucks] a few times at UBC, so I know the talent that they have. Being able to go out there and skate during warm up was really huge for me, and something I'll look back at for

It's that time of year again. Cry of joy or because you have an exam on the last possible day of exams. While The Ubyssey wishes everyone a happy exam schedule, maybe don't ruin your long weekend by checking your fate just yet.

Did you see a fancy red car with a camera rigged to the hood on campus today? Did you stand and stare at it as you waited for a stunt driver to press the pedal to the medal? Yeah, me neither. William will be on campus filming for the next four days.

It might be a bit challenging to locate the tiny horse — named Princess Aurora — at first glance due to the swarm of students surrounding her, but the adorable creature is worth the hunt. There are also goats, bunnies and chickens inside a trailer.

As we tried to sleep we could have sworn we heard a bear sniffing around. Terrified, we hid under our sleeping bags. The next morning, a glowing sunrise over the lake and mountains was not the only thing to greet us as we sat in our sleeping bags.

After those meetings, Ono was kind enough to fit our short interview about his first day during the only free time he had left — the time it took to walk from his office to his home, the Norman Mackenzie House, to get ready for dinner.

The film centres around Auggie, who has a facial deformity, as he struggles to fit into a new school. Roberts plays Auggie's mother and Owen Wilson plays his father. Yes, the stars are shining bright on campus today.

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