University is a time of great self-learning and a way to learn about things that may directly influence the way you see and experience the world. Most importantly, university is a chance to explore ourselves and what it means to be “me.”

As UBC launched its Centennial year in 2015, the AMS’s longtime archivist, Sheldon Goldfarb, has written a book that celebrates the essence and evolution of student experience and self-governance throughout the century.

The Welcome Back BBQ takes place on Friday, September 8, with doors opening at 3:00 p.m. The event is only for students 19 and up, so there will be none of those rowdy youths getting in the way trying to sneak beer for the first time.

Bard on the Beach is a summertime staple for the theatre of Vancouver and this season is even more exciting for UBC theatregoers, with two alumni from the BFA Acting program, Luisa Jojic and Ashley O’Connell, featured in the performances.

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