NICE Astrology Column

Virgos, stop telling us what to do!!!! We get it, you’re on the dean’s list! Samuel Stupid


Stop yelling at me, I get it, you’re an Aries. Now get off your bike, this is a pedestrian-priority road.


Get off the couch and do your geography homework. That GIS work isn’t going to map itself. And stop lighting a candle every time you need to feel something.


Some of the worst people are Geminis. Don’t hold up this stereotype. But congrats on getting into honours poli sci.


You are not your friend group’s parent. You are their equal. Knock it off. Now go finish your poetry assignment.


How can one person be so full of grandeur yet so insecure? Oh, right, you’re in the master’s of management program.


Stop telling us what to do!!!! We get it, you’re on the dean’s list!


Literally make a decision for once in your life. You can’t major in four different things.


Stop it with the brooding, you’re literally just born in autumn. And if you’re going to brood, do it in the Derrick Rose Garden, where nobody will see or care.


I hate to break it to you but you won’t be able to travel to every country on your list. You might only be able to get to Wesbrook Village.


Stop telling me to get a real job! Also, how are you enjoying your commerce degree?


PLEASE shut up about being a rebel. You’re literally just wearing Doc Martens and shouting in the middle of Main Mall.


I’m so scared of you. Your ability to understand abstract philosophical concepts is too powerful. ☺

This article is part of The Ubyssey’s 2021 spoof issue, NICE Magazine.