Art is defining student activist movements in a world that’s increasingly moving to social media. The visual side of activism has evolved to encompass new forms with students embracing performance and Lennon walls — but despite the shift online, one medium remains especially striking: the protest sign.

The signs — a piece called “WUNISKA,” meaning “arise” — are just one part of the Hatch Gallery’s latest exhibition, Together: Communities of Healing. The exhibition was made in collaboration with the Sexual Assault Support Center (SASC). Together is the second collaboration between the Hatch and the SASC, following last March’s Healing Fires.

The Board of Governors is the highest governing body at UBC, and among all the questions about platforms and consultation and other words I don’t understand, I felt it was necessary to ask some other hard-hitting questions the newsies wouldn’t think to ask.

The VP Admin looks after all the AMS clubs, helps manage the Nest as well as liaises between clubs, constituencies, resource groups and the society. This big important job requires big important questions.

Look at these people running for president of the AMS. They get some fancy photos and profiles and get to talk to Ubyssey News about their platform points

Sure, Ubyssey News has important information about candidates running for VP External. I asked them some of these hard-hitting questions to find out the real important information about the people running to represent you.

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