No bad apples at the Botanical Gardens

When we think of apples, we think of colours. There are red apples, green apples and many that are really just somewhere in between. If we really stretch our apple musings, we may include the rare yellow or crab apple. 

It turns out there are actually far more apple species than those we encounter in grocery stores — it seems we’re not even being exposed to some of the most delicious varieties.

On October 17-18, the UBC Botanical Garden hosted the annual Apple Festival. This event showcased the many incredible apple varieties grown by the garden and provided an opportunity for local vendors to showcase their delicious treats. From apple cider, to apple chips, apple pie and over 70 varieties of apples visitors could try, the festival was a celebration of all the delicious ways this fruit can be eaten.

However, there was far more to do than gorge on apples. In the kids’ section, children could play in large piles of dried leaves collected from the garden for their enjoyment. However, I did find myself initially wondering if this was where all the leaves from Main Mall were swept away to.

For those who love a walk through the forest or explore the treetops, there was the Greenheart Canopy Walkway. This beautiful path through the lush Botanical Garden forest led to a path that lifted off the ground into the trees using an intricate set of walkways. Needless to say, the view of the forest with its beautiful streams was stupendous from this view. The path had many checkpoints where climbers could take a second to stop, look around and appreciate the temperate rainforest that surrounded them.

British Columbia is one of the largest apple producers in Canada. The festival originated as a way to raise awareness of the many incredible apple varieties grown in the province. It also serves as a charity function as all funds collected at the festival go towards the UBC Botanical Gardens and their many research, educational and community projects that take place all year round.

Although the Apple Festival is over, students can get involved with the gorgeous gardens as walks and tours are available all year round. To get involved, email the garden at or visit their website.