CVR 2016 will showcase the future of virtual reality in Vancouver

On May 14, Archiact Interactive, a full service virtual reality studio, will host the 2016 Consumer Virtual Reality expo in downtown Vancouver. The event will boast leading virtual and augmented reality companies, showcasing products across the VR spectrum, from mobile VR all the way up to full-blown motion-capture VR experiences. This, alongside a distinguished speaker line-up from a variety of industries, rounds off what is sure to be an exciting tech event.

Vancouver’s rapidly evolving tech sector and well-established gaming industry make it an excellent city to host such an exhibition. CVR 2016 will allow consumers to get hands-on demonstrations with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, two of the leading heavy-duty VR headsets that will be available on the market later this year. Mobile VR platforms like Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard will also be available, devices which have captured the imaginations of tech enthusiasts worldwide. 

Students will get the chance to immerse themselves in the works of internationally acclaimed companies such as Cloudhead Games, VRstudios, and Wavesine, while testing the products and prototypes of numerous indie creators.

While the expo and the industry are largely dominated by games and entertainment, virtual and augmented reality have the potential to revamp several markets including education, e-commerce, branding and advertising and journalism. Students can learn about such developments from the 24 speakers who will be presenting throughout the event.

As the budding virtual and augmented reality industry blooms over the next few years, consumers can expect to see this event become an annual fixture in a city that is developing as Canada’s technological hub.