Love Bomb: a rock concert mystery

Love Bomb, described as a rock concert within a play, takes place in Fort St. John where a mother desperately searches for her missing daughter. Shameless Hussy Productions, a group of rebellious and self-producing theatre artists, present a rock and roll mystery.

“It addresses an issue in Vancouver that nobody has addressed on stage before. It is very unique to do it with music,” said director Renee Iaci. The story unfolds as a mystery. Iaci explains, “It's about a mother who is desperately looking for her missing daughter and every song is a clue to her daughter’s missing whereabouts.”

The issue of sex trafficking is one that Iaci and Deb Pickman, actor in the show and co-founder of Shameless Hussy productions, are passionate about.

“We didn’t want to just tell stories about good girls because women’s lives are more complex than that. It’s not just enough to tell the story, but we want to inspire action to come from it,” said Pickman.

Iaci and Pickman emphasize that it is necessary as a community to raise awareness towards such a controversial yet important issue.

“It’s a provocative story about women. I hope to inspire people in general to be aware of this situation and it is something that is happening to all of us,” said Iaci.

Love Bomb is a unique story that is relevant to our society as a whole. Iaci also pointed out that this is not just a show for women -- men are encouraged watch it as well.

“I hope to God that it is not just a story for women. I want men to see this too. It is very relevant to our community -- to all of us," she said. "Should we be telling our women how to protect themselves or should we be addressing it all the way through as a community?”

The power of love is evident in the term Love Bomb, yet the darkness is something which prevails in this play.

“This play is strangely uplifting," said Pickman. "I know it is such a dark matter, but these two women are fighters and they are resilient. And the songs celebrate that. They are very rock and roll. I think people are going to leave here inspired.”

Love Bomb plays the Firehall Arts Centre September 26 to October 10.