I Confess

Lately I’ve been told that I shock people, and you’ve admitted I’ve shocked you too. But I have my own confession — something that took me off guard.

The other day, you taught me just how many nerves exist on human hands. You reached over and weaved your fingers through the gaps between my own. Then and there, I discovered just how much my hands could really feel. They have held newborns, strummed guitar strings and had a love affair through the keys of a piano. They have whispered sweet words through midnight messages, and have felt life leave from within their grasp, but I confess that I never imagined a simple clutch could send such a shock through them, traveling across my entire body with a single, natural gesture. As we sat side by side, shoulders touching, fingers intertwined, hands growing warmer with every passing minute, I felt a heat rush through my entire being. 

And when you rubbed my fingers oh so gently? It was as if someone had just started a circuit on my skin — and even though sparks and ashes from flames can give you third-degree burns, I confess that I have never felt a warmth more pleasant. In fact, I welcome the scorch.

Camelia Alikashani is a second-year GRSJ major who wants to pursue a career in law. She probably spends way too much of her spare time online shopping and tagging people in memes, and occasionally enjoys trying her hand at a sudoku puzzle.