The Ubyssey's most-read stories of 2016

The past 12 months have been tumultuous, to say the least. We'll remember it as the year a bevy of our heroes passed away, the UK removed itself from the EU and the US actually elected Donald Trump president.

But whatever trials and tribulations we face, and however difficult it will be to explain 2016 to our grandchildren, we can take solace in the fact that one universal truth remains certain: UBC students love reading about sex.

10. Letter: Response to “What it's like being a 16-year-old UBC student”

[''] File photo Kosta Prodanovic / The Ubyssey

A reply to our well-read letter from Leo Soh about what it's like being an underage student at UBC.

9. Science pre-requisites no longer needed to enter medicine program

[''] File photo Josh Medicoff / The Ubyssey

In a move that took effect this September, students hoping to enter the MD program at UBC now don’t have worry about missing a science pre-requisite.

8. Letter: Safewalk is no longer a “nice option” for me

[''] File photo Kate Colenbrander / The Ubyssey

A woman is frustrated at having to share her Safewalk ride with a “rather large, somewhat intimidating-looking male.”

7. Here's everything you could possibly want to know about Santa Ono

[''] File photo Geoff Lister / The Ubyssey

As soon as we got a tip that Ono would be named UBC's next president, we started digging.

6. UBC looks like Nazi territory on Google Street View

[''] Screenshot via Google Maps

After The Man in the High Castle filmed on campus last year, one student decided to have some fun with Google Maps. This one did not make UBC's PR department happy.

5. UBC admission stats 2013/2014: GPAs, acceptance rates and more

[''] Photo courtesy Jessica / Flickr

A slightly out-of-date but still-relevant piece exploring just how difficult it is to get accepted.

4. The 10 worst profs at UBC, according to

[''] Illustration Jerry Yin / The Ubyssey

Written as a follow-up to our well-read list of the top-rated profs, this negative piece brought in far more views.

3. UBC used to have “nap rooms,” but students kept fucking in them

[''] File photo Josh Medicoff / The Ubyssey


2. UBC admission stats 2014/15

[''] Screenshot via UBC PAIR

Nervous 12th-graders once again boost this story near the top of the list. Wondering what kind of average you need to get into engineering? This story's the place to look.

1. The salary list

[''] Graphic Peter Siemens / The Ubyssey

Our most-read piece of the year by far was UBC's sunshine list of all employees making more than $70,000 per year. The university releases the raw data every year, but we decided to make it easily searchable and sortable.