Our paradoxical society

A paradox of the society that we live in is that we criticize the multitude of stereotypes we have created, but then continue to encourage each other to blend into them. Of course, I also do this: The Bachelor is my favourite show and I wear Justin Bieber’s perfume every day. On the contrary though, my socks are probably dirtier than the socks of any boy I know. Why is it that these humanistic characteristics have to be assigned a gender?

Our minds are trained to believe that certain activities or feelings are attributed to men or women — when in reality, their only relation is they are just human behaviours. Some people are comfortable living in zones of familiarity and assimilation, but there should not be societal pressure. I don’t think it masculinizes me if I can throw a football across a field, just as I do not find it de-masculinizing to see a man cry.

While this month has been devoted to romance, it would be beneficial to stop romanticizing gender roles. Rather than relying on your biology to tell you who you are and what characteristics you are destined to have, practice preserving the qualities that humanize you.