Sex issue: How to tell if your TA likes you

Trying to tell if your TA is into you? Well here is a list to help you navigate the dangerous territory of dating your TA.

1. Did your TA look up at you when you walked into the room, late, with your Starbucks? They’re probably into you.

2. Does your TA only remember your name on occasion? They’re probably into you. It’s all an act, you know your name is doodled all over their notebook.

3. Does your TA turn every terrible point you make into a respectable or passable one? They’re probably into you. Why else would your terribly drawn-out analogy be expanded and debated upon?

4. Were you picked to read the poem out loud in your German tutorial? Your TA is probably into you. There’s nothing like some Brecht to put you in the mood.

5. Those ‘attendance points’ going towards your final grade? Don’t tell anyone, but it’s a scam. Your TA is probably into you. This is how they make sure you show up to see them week on week.

6. Does your TA answer your questions with longer, much more detailed answers than perhaps you need to listen to? They’re probably into you. It’s a definite impression tactic.

7. Have you been encouraged to attend office hours? They’re probably into you. More one-on-one time and all that.

8. Did you receive an email about the ‘optional extra readings’ for this weeks tutorial? They’re probably into you. Read between the lines.

9. Did you get a bad grade? It’s because everyone likes a bad boy.

A previous version of this article ran with an illustration meant to show how delusional a student who takes this satirical advise seriously would be. However, this resulted in a sexist depiction of female TA's. We have removed the illustration and regret any offence we caused.