Where UBC issues all their parking tickets

Last year, UBC issued almost 40,000 parking tickets on campus. If all of these tickets were paid, the total would come to well over $1 million. But UBC has a checkered past when it comes to collecting parking fines, including losing a $4 million class action lawsuit that ended up being overturned by retroactive legislation from the province allowing UBC to continue to write parking tickets.

This heat map shows where the 37,620 tickets the university issued from January to November 2015 went. Light purple to green indicates fewer tickets — red areas indicate high volume of tickets. Zoom in on the map and click the circles for more information.

Toyotas and Hondas received the most tickets — not surprising given their popularity. Although they didn't receive enough tickets to make the top 10, quite a few luxury makes — including Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Ferrari — received citations.

Most Ticketed Vehicles

The parkades account for the most tickets, but the number of parking tickets associated with the hospital is quite high — the Health Sciences Parkade and Acute Care Unit lot accounted for a combined 4,746 tickets.

Most Ticketed Locations

Most parking offences are a $60 ticket, which is reduced to $30 if paid within two weeks. Some violations, such as using a counterfeit pass (four tickets issued last year) can carry a $250 fine. Other strange offences include 12 tickets for “changed license plate” and one ticket for “sleeping/living in a vehicle.” Parking also issued three tickets for driving over the speed limit, which is 30 km/h or 15 km/h in a parkade. If all tickets issued last year were paid at their reduced rate, the total would come to $1,139,040.

Most Ticketed Offences

Data via UBC Parking. Analysis and mapping by Will McDonald.