Candidate profile: Julian Del Balso, President

Julian Del Balso is a fourth year triple majoring in being “THE MAAANN OF THE PEOPLE” running for President in this year’s AMS Elections. He describes his platform as “steezy” — which, for the less informed, Urban Dictionary defines as a combination of the words “style” and “ease.”

Aside from his role as the admin of a meme page and hosting some “pretty good” camping trips, Del Balso acknowledges that he brings zero experience to the role.

When setting himself apart from his opposition, he said, “my lack of experience is appropriate.

“Unlike the other candidates, I am not good at school and work and leadership, and that makes me more like [students],” said Del Balso.     

If elected, he promises to make his number one priority be turning the fountain into a jacuzzi. He admits that the bureaucracy he would face might make this a challenge.

“You never know what the higher-ups are going to think,” said Del Balso. “The AMS only has so much power.”

However, this is not his loftiest goal. That, he acknowledges, is his aim to expand The Pit into the entirety of the Nest and having Pit Night five nights a week.

Del Balso also plans to put his entire salary towards getting arcade games into The Pit.

“I’m extremely irresponsible with money. So however the AMS budget is allotted, it will be very interesting to see,” said Del Balso.

“I represent all of the students.”