Car drives through front window of University Pharmacy

A car drove through the storefront of the University Pharmacy at around 2 p.m. this afternoon.

According to store owner Ian Linaksita, the driver of the white Hyundai Elantra stopped his car in the parking stall outside the building, but didn't shift the transmission into park.

"He tried to remove his jacket and stepped on the gas pedal and drove right through," said Linaksita.

RCMP were present on the scene, but declined comment other than saying "you can get all your information from what it looks like."

When asked about the damage, Linaksita didn't seem overly upset. "It's more like a cleaning up, you know? Some damages to the products -- nothing major, just some cleanup. And reconstruction I guess. It's going to be the same thing again, just newer.”

After speaking to the driver and police, Linaksita began clearing the broken glass with a large snow shovel. He’s passing it off as an unfortunate accident, and was more concerned about the safety of those involved, rather than attributing further blame to the driver.

"Basically, it's a good thing nobody got hurt."