New SUB occupancy expected to take place soon, says Ava Nasiri

Occupancy of the new SUB may take place very soon, according to the New SUB Committee Chair and VP Administration, Ava Nasiri.

“Occupancy is the final step in the construction process…. It's almost a final barrier between us being in construction mode and us being able to allow students into the building, rather soon,” said Nasiri.

While there is no set date as to when occupancy will take place, all relevant bodies are currently reviewing the paperwork to approve provisional occupancy.

“Last week [the paperwork] was with our design firm Dialog, they approved it and have now given it to Gage-Babcock who are our code consultants,” said Nasiri. “My understanding right now as we speak… is that Gage-Babcock is wrapping up their review of the paperwork and they are sending it to Ed Lin, who works with Campus and Community Planning and is the final signing authority on occupancy.”

According to Nasiri, what is being worked towards this week is provisional occupancy rather than final occupancy.

“This basically is a sign off on [the] part of the architect, architects and designers, construction team, the structural engineering and our code consultant as well as the health and safety authority of UBC Campus and Community Planning, stating that the building is safe for the AMS and all students and the public to occupy,” said Nasiri.

According to Nasiri, some of the final steps that led up to this point included an air quality control test, approval of food outlets by the health inspector and approval of the fire and life safety systems.

The most immediate next step after provisional occupancy would be moving the offices into the new SUB.

“We’ve sort of sat down and thought okay, what are the things that need to move most immediately in terms of service to the public,” said Nasiri. “So immediate first steps would be moving over, making sure that the building is up and running and functional… then yeah, opening of the doors.”

Several facilities will be moved later on this summer. According to Nasiri, areas such as the Pit, the Perch, Council Chambers and the child minding centre require a lot of millwork so will not all be ready by the time occupancy takes place.

While Nasiri said the expected timeline for occupancy is “very, very soon,” things could always change.

“Anything is possible…. If any of these authorities around health and safety decide that they would like to review the documents one more time I think that’s totally fair because that’s just them doing their due diligence."