Vote numbers released for 2015 AMS elections

The AMS has released the voting numbers from last week's elections.

A total of 6,155 students or 12.9 per cent of all eligible voters cast ballots.

Aaron Bailey won the presidential race, defeating Cheneil Antony-Hale 3,383 votes to 1,780 in their sorted majority. He also beat joke candidate V 4,075 to 969 votes.

4,251 students voted in favour of Jenna Omassi, who was running unopposed, taking over the role of VP academic & university affairs. Nine per cent voted against Omassi and 24 per cent abstained from voting in this race.

The race for VP finance saw Mateusz Miadlikowski re-elected with 2,669 votes for him as opposed to 1,349 for his adversary Will Pigott.

Ava Nasiri was re-elected to VP administration, beating James Jing 3,149 to 849, and Remtulla 2,663 to 1,519 in their sorted majorities.

Jude Crasta beat Janzen Lee for the role of VP external, with 2,229 votes compared to Lee's 1,552. The largest total number of voters, 37.2 per cent, abstained from this executive race.

Veronica Knott led the race for the Board of Governors with 3,230 votes while Julie Van de Valk secured a spot with 2,340 votes. Tanner Bokor followed closely with 2,177 votes, but was not elected to the Board.

The Senate race was closely contested, but the students with the highest numbers of votes were Aaron Bailey (2,890), Gurvir Sangha (2,655), Jenna Omassi (2,537), Marjan Hatai (2,424) and Eric Zhao (2,046).

The Student Legal Fund Society was a slated race. Cameron Sharpe was the only member of the Students for Responsible Leadership slate to be elected into the society with 1,199, or 8.9 per cent, of votes. The other students, all members of the Students for Accountability, were Tanner Bokor (1,900 or 14.1 per cent of votes), Ron Gorodetsky (1,667 or 12.4 per cent of votes), Jude Crasta (1,558 or 11.6 per cent of votes), Kathleen Simpson (1,533 or 11.4 per cent of votes) and Carol Dou (1,188 or 8.8 per cent of votes).

The full results can be found here.