AMS Decoded: What to look for in the November 22 Council meeting

Every few weeks, your elected student government meets on a Wednesday night to talk about issues concerning the AMS. Agenda items can seem long, mysterious and confusing without the proper background, making it difficult to see how these issues affect students. Here’s what to watch out for in the upcoming AMS Council meeting on November 22:

Executive Goals

Council will be hearing presentations on the progress of the AMS Executive toward the goals established at the beginning of their terms. This will be the first progress update provided under the executive reporting mechanisms established by the governance review implementation project, which had its actionable items completed in the spring.

MacInnes Field Parkade

After discussion at the two previous meetings of Council, the VP Academic and University Affairs will be consulting on ways to move forward on the MacInnes Field Parkade project in advance of the upcoming UBC Board of Governors meeting. There have previously been concerns communicated by the AMS on how the project would impact accessibility for the Nest, as well as with respect to the consultation from relevant UBC units.

SLC Partnership

Council will be considering the possibility of a partnership with the UBC Student Leadership Conference, which would see the AMS receive recognition in return for cost-free bookings in the Nest during the event. There is also a motion slated for consideration to direct the AMS VP Administration to investigate the possibility of a longer-term arrangement with the SLC.

Jakob Gattinger, a fourth year applied science student, is the former VP Academic and University Affairs pro tem for the AMS and a current member of Council for engineering, as well as a student senator.