AMS Decoded: What to look for in the October 7 Council meeting

Every few weeks, your student government spends a Wednesday night talking about a bunch of things. In most cases, what we talk about wonʼt affect a students’ day to day activity, but there are always a few tidbits that might interest you. Hereʼs what to watch out for in the upcoming AMS Council meeting on October 7, 2015.

Presidential Search Committee student rep

In August, campus was shocked to learn about #GuptaGate. Regardless of what transpired, UBC, being a massive university, does need to find its next leader. Despite a lot of calls for change, the Presidential Search Committee’s composition and procedure is pretty much identical to the last time this committee was struck. However, there is a space for an AMS-appointed student rep to be on that committee and the AMS will be appointing them in this meeting.

Alliance of BC Students

A few Council meetings ago, a consultation period came to Council regarding our membership with the Alliance of BC Students (ABCS). ABCS was an organization founded very recently by the AMS and a few other student unions around BC to advocate for student issues (student loans, post-secondary funding for education, etc.). There has been some discussion regarding leaving the ABCS for the last little while. Most recently, there was a discussion that happened in the University and External Relations Committee. My guess is that a motion asking Council to reach a final decision will be coming soon.

Sudden agenda amendments?

There has been a trend in the past couple of Council meetings where the agenda is amended on the floor to add new discussion points or motions. In some cases, these motions are added to respond to events that happen between the period when the agenda is sent out on the previous Friday and the Council meeting on the following Wednesday night. However, some of these issues could have been included when the agenda is sent out. A system to prepare Councillors on the topics that will be discussed will be beneficial.

Viet Vu is a fifth-year economics major and AMS Councillor. His views are his own and do not necessarily represent those of the Alma Mater Society or the Vancouver School of Economics Undergraduate Society.