Last Words: Bitcoin, censorship and Ponderosa problems

Bitcoin is the best, rah rah rah

On Tuesday, the UBC Bitcoin Club held a talk about how Bitcoin is the future of currency everywhere, but we are still not feeling particularly convinced.

We’ve talked about the many hoops that Bitcoin enthusiasts would need to jump through before they are taken seriously here, so we are not going to rehash these arguments here. That said, we found it pretty amusing that their discussion panel consisted entirely of self-proclaimed Bitcoin experts and enthusiasts. We get that the primary purpose of the UBC Bitcoin Club is to herald the benefits of this currency to the UBC community, but another rah-rah Bitcoin presentation will not help get any of us who are less than enthused aboard the Bitcoin Express. In other words: you can hold your panel, but allow the discussion on the merits Bitcoin become a genuine debate rather than what seems like one long promotional campaign.

Censorship has no place at a university -- even in Rec

Who cares if an intramural team names themselves after a porn star? Apparently, UBC Rec. As the league co-ordinator said in an email to the Peter North Stars (now the *CENSORED* North Stars) captain: "In today’s social climate it is difficult to say we are an organization that supports equality in all aspects of what we do, and at the same time allow a team name that is in reference to someone that many people link to a profession that again many people find demeaning to women.”

Rec seems to be pretty selective here. Is Insulin Spikers not making fun of diabetics? Is Dyslexia Untied not insensitive toward those with the disorder? Victorious Secret is a play on a company many people believe reinforces patriarchal standards. By Rec’s definition, The enviroMENTALS should have been renamed ages ago. Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy? Show Me Ya TDs? Girls Gone Wild? Beaches Be Cray? All team names in the same league as the Peter North Stars, and all potentially offensive references. The hypocrisy is so blatant it’s nearly unbelievable.

Whether or not the pornography industry is demeaning to women should have no bearing on whether a team in a university intramural league can name itself after a porn star. If you’re going to start policing the morality of the league to this extent, you may as well just name everyone yourself.

Ponderosa problems seem to be neverending

Ponderosa has had its share of problems since it opened, of which a broken elevator has been a relatively major part. This past weekend, though, showed just how bad the building's residents situation is.

A broken elevator is one thing -- we get it, it happens. But for the elevator to have a major incident with an alleged "free fall" just a few days after it was reopened having been 'repaired' is ridiculous. The sheer number of issues that the building has had makes us wonder how many corners were cut -- either in the interest of time or cost savings -- in its construction.

Free falling is pretty much everyone's worst nightmare -- often literally. It's safe to say that just about everyone has, at some point, had a bad dream involving an elevator. Even if no one was in real danger, as UBC seems to be saying in their press releases (along with repeatedly assuring concerned residents and onlookers that safety is their top priority), it shouldn't be understated how traumatizing an experience like a (perceived) free fall could be on people.

People shouldn't feel unsafe in their own homes. It may be rez, and SHHS may not have any obligation to make their residents feel comfortable, but I think we can all agree that it's the morally decent thing to do.