The study results indicate strong negative reactions against children that aren’t vaccinated. But we shouldn’t blame anti-vaxxers, because the majority of people who are under-vaccinated are just delaying vaccinations due to time constraints.

General relativity predicts that a large density of vacuum energy should cause the universe to explode. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet. Qingdi Wang and Zhen Zhu proposed a new theory about how this could be.

When scientists are asked to justify research based solely on the outcome, grad student Chantal Mustoe wonders, “Since when did the value of fundamental knowledge disappear? Why must I promise a grand discovery ... before I can pay my rent?”

A year ago, there was no Cypress the rocket, and no UBC Rocket team. Now, 60 members strong, they are competing for the first time at the Spaceport American Cup in Las Cruces, New Mexico from June 20 to 24, 2017.

A research group has taken a significant step towards solving workplace “interruptibility” with a device called FlowLight. The color of the light changes between green, red or pulsing red, to signal that you are available, busy or super engaged.

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