BikeRave is back and better than ever

The BikeRave is possibly one of the kookiest and most fun events on campus. It's the ultimate event where you can come and just be yourself. Hosted by the BikeRave committee since 2013, the event is where everyone comes to rave. 

“BikeRave is a niche that attracts such a diverse range of people. There are bike enthusiasts, people who love to dance and kids that just sit in their room and listen to EDM. It’s an event where you can just be you,” said Sam Bowerman, a member of the BikeRave committee.

Bikers dress in costumes and deck out their bikes with lights and decorations and complete a route on campus, frequently stopping at good dance spots to party before then continue to bike. Speakers on chariots are biked with the group, and are synced to blast a playlist that consist of a mix of EDM, indie dance songs and indie rock. 

“It’ll be a good crowd-pleasing tone of music, not just a club scene,” said Bowerman. 

This year, the night ends with an after party hosted by Party Well.

To promote sustainable living, the BikeRave is opening the event to everyone at UBC for free. People who don’t have bikes can borrow yellow and purple ones from the Bike Kitchen or even participate by raving on a skateboards, Nordic roller skis or even running along.  There is no sign up needed — just show up to Koerner Plaza at 7 p.m. on March 18. Anyone who participates will get a valve cap light that turns on as the bike wheel spins. There are even more exciting prizes to win for several categories. 

“There’s a lot of parties, a lot of events, but BikeRave is a good way combine recreation, sustainability and having a good time,” said Bowerman. 

Last year, 150 people showed up at the rave and the crowd is planned to be as large as 350 people this year. 

“My favourite part of the event is riding my bike with super loud music and looking up to see super stoked people around me just having a great time exploring campus,” said Bowerman.