(Gallery) Students bare it and book it for Undie Run 2015

There were people from London, there were people from France, (and some guys in sombreros and thongs, and a guy wearing an Elmo costume head) but most of all, there were a lot of underpants running around Main Mall on Friday.

It’s that time of year again, when finals are around the corner and the second part of stu(dying) becomes a reality. Thus, UBC Ski and Board’s sixth annual Undie Run is a good time to de-stress and undress.

Over 900 students came together on Friday night to shed their term paper stress, their pre-final blues -- and their clothes -- outside the SUB. The run was set to start at 10:30 p.m., but students were already taking off their clothes and chucking them into the blue donation bags as early as 10 o’clock.

The students weren’t using this time to simply run away from their school problems. Any clothes that were stripped would be donated to a local charity by the Ski and Board Club.

“I saw a guy getting taken down by his friends for not wearing shoes,” said a runner in pepperoni-printed briefs, who preferred not to be named. “Really? Is that what you’re calling him out for not wearing?”

After the striptease people were ready to run. Girls showed up in sports bras and booty shorts, though some went the extra mile and wore thongs, as did some guys. Mankinis were an uncommon but definitively present sight for the men as they milled around the SUB, getting ready to run.

“This is my cardio for the rest of the year!” shouted a girl in a neon pink sports bra.

Chants of “UBC! UBC! UBC!” acted as the starting gun at 10:30. The hoards of students formed a flesh-coloured throng that charged down the SUB steps.

The first stop was Irving K. Barber Library, where students startled their peers with their scantily-clad mob shouting “UBC! UBC!” as they stormed the stairs and lapped the third floor. The studying onlookers were relieved to have a quick break and the opportunity to add an interesting Snapchat to their stories.

The runners then headed towards Sauder, where they streamed through the second floor (some cheated and took the elevator) and headed down University Boulevard toward Place Vanier residence.

That was when they finally turned around and headed back up past Ponderosa Commons towards Main Mall, where the fountain was waiting for their celebratory dip.

To jog one’s memories, the run would previously end at the (now decommissioned) outdoor pool at the UBC Aquatic Centre. Last year the runners had to find a different source of water, and ended up frolicking in the marsh fountain next to the bookstore.

“I’m glad we take a dip,” said a runner in a star-printed bra as she came out of the fountain. “I needed to wash off the sweat!”

This year there were no streakers in this flash mob. But running around in one’s underpants is surely a ballsy move in itself. The Undie Run was a scandalous way to let off some steam for students, even if it was only for a brief moment.

Below are some photos from the event, but make sure to check out our full album on Facebook.