The winner and runners-up of our outdoor adventure photo contest

We recently held a photo contest asking for your best outdoor adventure shots, along with 50 words or less about what makes that photo special — and wow, did you deliver.

Maybe it was the promise of a free Arc'teryx Atom jacket or maybe it was just a natural need to brag about how dope your summer hikes were, but we received a grand total of 67 posts —and we loved every single one of them.

It was extremely difficult to pick a winner, but eventually we decided on one: @kaylanmackinnon riding a mountain ridge with a look on her face that screams, “I'd better win a free jacket for this shit.”

what the hell did I get myself into 😶 #terrifiedofheights #ubysseyarcteryx

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Though Mackinnon won the contest, we'd be remiss not to include her very stiff competition. In no particular order, here are the runners-up:

33km of hiking in one day and the view made every step worth it #ubysseyarcteryx

A photo posted by Sarah Korpach (@sarahkorp) on

I spy 👀

A photo posted by Melissa (@lacheeeks) on