T-Birds 5-on-5: Single Sportswomen

Valentine's Day is this week, and since we know it's everyone's favourite holiday, we thought we'd do a special two-part edition of the T-Birds 5-on-5 series featuring five T-Bird women and five T-Birds men. Not only are these athletes single and ready to mingle, they also shared their favourite date spots along with their best and worst qualities. Some even spilled the beans as to which T-Birds they're crushing on!

(To find out what the T-Bird men had to say, click here.)

The panel[/ub_subhead

Taylor Kapaiwai (TK): women's rugby

Erin Assman (EA): women's swimming

Olivia de Goede (OdG): women's soccer

Kiana Lalonde (KL): women's basketball

Shawnee Monchalin (SM): women's rugby

1) What's your favourite workout to do with your date?

TK: Please, I'm a hooker; I'm game for anything that hits hard.

EA: Partner yoga. I always like to break a sweat while getting into some very ... intricate positions.

OdG: Water aerobics. It's a great low-impact exercise, and we'd be guaranteed to look cool working those foam dumbbells and pool noodles.

KL: Hit the varsity gym and do some squats.

SM: Snowboarding! Long days on the mountain are the best.

2) Where is your favourite date spot on or near campus?

TK: I love Booster Juice, [especially] strawberry sunshine. Nothing like a nice cold smoothie with extra protein to put me in the mood.

EA: Bim's dance floor.

OdG: I'm probably not the best person to answer this question, since I'm never on campus; also I'm not the most mingling single, so I don't really have any "spots" ...

KL: The Indian restaurant in the village. Butter chicken is the way to my heart.

SM: Sun Sushi if Megan Hamm is my date.

3) What would you say is your best quality? What about your worst quality?

TK: Best: 36D ... worst: I downloaded Tinder.

EA: My best quality is my ability to flawlessly order a McNugget meal after a night out. Who wouldn't want a partner with that kind of skill? In terms of my worst quality, I've been told I'm too nice. I hate that about myself.

OdG: I've been told that I can be quite a hoot, so that's pretty good. My worst quality is probably how lazy I am; if I'm not at soccer or in the lab, it's basically impossible to get me to do things.

KL: My best quality is my support of the Allan McGavin Physiotherapy Clinic and my worst quality would be my lack of knee stability.

SM: My best quality: I'm a 'yes' man. My worst quality: I love The Roxy.

4) Finish this sentence: I'd never date someone who...

TK: … skipped leg day.

EA: … didn't like chicken mcnugs. It's a non-negotiable.

OdG: … smokes!

KL: … doesn’t share my love for puppies.

SM: … is not adventurous.

5) Which T-Bird are you secretly (or not-so-secretly) crushing on, and what would you like them to know?

TK: Well if I told it wouldn't be much of a secret anymore, but my TDH dream man should know he's crushing it at the gym.

EA: Tyler Enns. Best friends share everything.

OdG: I don't want to limit myself by answering this question ... I'd like all of the T-Birds to know that they're wonderful, so I'll keep my options open!

KL: There are currently no T-Birds on my radar.

SM: Luke O'Shea. I heard through the grapevine he's a great kisser.

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