Women's rugby fall to Alberta 41-19, season record worsens to 0-3

Saturday’s clouds cleared away just in time for women’s rugby showdown between UBC and the University of Alberta Pandas on Sunday, October 2.

The Thunderbirds went into the game hoping for a win so that they could improve on their 0-2 start to the season, while the Pandas had a 1-1 record after a win against Lethbridge and a loss to Victoria

The game initially looked to be in the ’Birds’ favour, as UBC winger and fullback Elizabeth Theems-Golding ran the ball past Alberta’s defence before getting tackled just before the goal line. However, a botched pass led to an interception and Alberta took the game in a different direction. The Pandas managed to push through within metres of the goal line, but were held back by UBC’s defence.

Alberta eventually scored the opening try and took a 7-0 lead just under the 20 minute mark. UBC answered with an interception that later allowed them to score a try to tie the game just three minutes later. This would be the last time that the game would be tied and Alberta stormed out to score another two tries, taking a 19-7 lead.

The ’Birds gained possession of the ball just before the end of the half, but another turnover led the Pandas to regain the ball until the end of stoppage time. The crowd present at the game — although small — stayed with the home team the entire game and cheered on the T-Birds through every play.

The second half opened with another try by Alberta. UBC answered by taking the ball deep into the Alberta defensive zone, ultimately scoring a try to bring the score up to 24-14. Alberta continued their dominance of the match, scoring a total of three more tries. They did however lose the extra point on two occasions, both times resulting from too short of a kick.

UBC was only able to answer with one more try and the final score after 80 minutes was 41-19. 

The T-Birds are now 0-3 in the season, with one game left against Lethbridge on Friday, October 14.