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UBC Free Speech Club hosts talk by Jordan Peterson

13 hours ago“People are amazing once you get them out of their idiotic ideological presuppositions,” said Peterson to a crowd of dozens at the event. “Let’s be a bit appreciative of the political distribution and let’s understand that you need to communicate."

Rally held for missing UBC student, Louis Gonick

7 hours agoWhile Gonick’s mother has not yet arrived in Vancouver, Gallegos Marín stressed that the gathering and fundraiser are about spreading the word and maintaining morale among his friends and family both in Vancouver and Ecuador.

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Search party formed for missing UBC student Louis Gonick

4 hours agoThis afternoon, the UBC Ecuadorian Students Association (ESA) began a search party for missing student Louis Gonick. They have now departed from UBC for Stanley Park, the location where Gonick was last seen on April 16.

AUS VP External race comes down to a single vote

12 hours ago“The next time someone tells me that one vote won’t count, I’m going to say, ‘Oh, let me tell you a story,’” said Chris Hakim, who lost the AUS VP External race by one vote. “I know that it does first-hand.”

The Ubyssey picks up two more Canadian journalism awards

3 days agoThe Ubyssey took home Best Campus Website and Best Campus Feature Story at the Canadian Community Newspaper Awards on Tuesday night. With the recognition, ubyssey.ca wins its second national award this year.


Wikipedia edit-a-thon raises awareness for female artists

1 week agoOn Saturday, March 18 volunteers exceeded their goal to create 24 new Wikipedia pages for female artists featured in the Belkin Art Gallery and edit countless more under the auspices of the Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon movement.

1 week ago“It’s too overtly politically correct. The diversity doesn’t look right,” she said. “In fact, the crowd is so diverse, each person in the crowd tokenized to represent a specific identity, that it blurs all connection to place or movement.”

2 weeks agoVibes Are Dope — or VIBES ARE DOPE — is a blog that makes the claim that it’s “the most important website on the internet.” Bold words considering it has existed for just over a year, has 130 Instagram followers and twice as many Facebook likes.


1 week, 1 day agoThere is no tiptoeing around it — the old pool was full of problems. The ceiling was constantly leaking, the showers were the extreme of hot or cold and you were lucky if you didn’t develop asthma. The fire alarm would go off for no rhyme or reason,

1 week, 5 days agoA big surprise from the meet came in the form of fourth-year Alex Loginov’s win in the 50m freestyle. Loginov finished under the “A” standard mark of 22.47 with a final time of 22.24, touching ahead of both Kisil and Thormeyer.


Editorial: Who knew snowflakes could survive on the Sun?

4 days agoIn a post on his Vancouver Sun staff blog earlier today, Todd penned a perfect addition to our spoof issue from the perspective of an old, ornery white man in a comfortable position of privilege who is upset at Breitbarf for making fun of white men.

5 days, 6 hours ago“Because of this, I would recommend including in the policy a right for the respondent to produce evidence as well as a direction to the investigator to inform them of that right and of the types of evidence that may be relevant.”

6 days, 10 hours ago"Besides the communication difference, the professors and lecturers here have been really similar to UBC — a good classroom balance of lecture and discussion, ready and willing to answer questions and passionate teachers."

1 week ago“If you're not taking summer classes — I understand, some of us have to work those summer hours — but you'll be working on campus over the summer or maybe will live there, you'll notice just how many students have stayed to work or study too.”


Our Campus: You'll hear If Not, Winter at the AMS Block Party

2 weeks, 5 days ago“We’re a folky band, [but we incorporate] things like random bars of 5/4, bass solos, weird breakdowns when we get a midi pad out — little things like that. So we’re folky, but something’s off about our folky-ness.”

3 weeks, 5 days ago“For Safai, music is a universal method for reaching people in dark places looking for a hand to grasp, but finding none. Safai had to help herself, and she hopes that those in similar situations are now finding company and solace in her songs.”

3 weeks, 6 days agoThe Ubyssey is investigating UBC’s Student Union Okanagan (UBCSUO) after it ran unprecedented deficits in 2015 and 2016 — more than $300,000 each year, or about 23 per cent of annual revenue, while simultaneously running an ineffective grant program.

1 month agoPeak flu season is supposedly waning, but your voice is scratchy, your back hurts and your nose is runny. Are your symptoms related? Where should you go for help? What practices are safe and regulated?


Editor's note: Why you should march for science

3 days, 6 hours agoScience is the idea that through questioning and testing those questions — through trying again and again and again until something works, and then sharing those findings with the world — we can make the world a better place for everyone.

4 days, 4 hours agoWe've rounded up the top ten most-read science section stories since May 1 of last year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, space-based stories dominate the list as do drug-related stories (yes, caffeine is a drug and it is addictive).

1 week, 3 days agoA few years ago, researchers at Tsinghua University in Beijing approached UBC SPPH researcher Dr. Michael Brauer with a proposal for a massive study linking global air pollution and international trade.

2 weeks, 5 days agoFish mean many things to many different people throughout BC. To the many coastal First Nations peoples, they are an important source of subsistence and an integral element of culture. For the Haida Nation of Haida Gwaii, herring reign supreme.