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I surveyed 277 bathroom stalls in 16 buildings across campus to determine the percentage of toilet stalls with sanitary disposal bins in men’s, women’s and gender-inclusive washrooms.

Forcing people to only use single-stall or gender-neutral bathrooms reinforces the idea that trans bodies are something ‘other,’ and are unwelcome in their gender-specific spaces.


Before I go to school, I check myself out in the mirror one last time. I’m Pawan. I’ve got my wireframe glasses, shaggy hair, relentless acne and one of the three hoodies I wouldn’t be caught dead without.

The Things They Did Not Tell Her

My brother was born in 1994. My dad decided to name him ‘智铭’ (Zhiming), meaning ‘knowledge engraved.’ Five years later they had me, their youngest daughter. They named me ‘智文’ (Zhiwen), meaning ‘knowledge in literature.’ My dad sometimes used to accidentally call me by my brother’s name. He also stumbled with English pronouns, mixing up the ‘he’s and ‘her’s.

At UBC, a second-year graduate student at the Social Justice Institute, Savoy Williams, brought forward an allegation of racial profiling by a security guard, raising questions about the role of policing here in Vancouver. Two years ago, former UBC Thunderbirds football player, Jamiel Moore-Williams was tackled and repeatedly tasered by seven police officers from the Vancouver Police Department for a jaywalking violation. Recently, former Board of Governors Chair Michael Korenberg resigned after receiving backlash for liking anti-Black tweets. Despite this, the Black community at UBC is fighting. Not just for survival or acknowledgement, but the right to thrive: to partake in a freedom that celebrates and foregrounds all Black lives.

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