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"Where jumping from high school to university gives you marginally more freedom, that seems more like crossing a puddle when compared to the chasm between university living and the world beyond."

"We here at The Ubyssey have become well acquainted with the new council’s platforms, promises and personalities over this long, long campaign period and the real and very hard work is not too far in the distance. So, we’re offering our help."

We have no excuses to make here. We are constantly trying to improve and unfortunately, this mistake has to be a part of that process. Decolonizing our journalism is important to us and we are committed to learning from this as we work towards this goal in the future.

"We ask that you vote "yes" to ensure that the SASC is financially stable for years to come and to ensure that the precarity of our labour is reduced. Most importantly, voting yes will provide survivors with stability, independent services, a wider range of resources, and specialized support."

Being lonely can suck, and everyone feels lonely more often than they’d care to admit. Regardless of whether you’ve just become single, have never dated or are married with three kids, loneliness can creep in from any angle.

"Nominations are closed tomorrow (February 15) at noon – yes, we know – so get your nominations in quick. Fill out a nomination form (available here or in front of our office in Nest, Room 2208) and drop it off to the Administrative Assistant in Nest Room 3502 by 12 p.m. tomorrow!"

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