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While we highly encourage every UBC student to voraciously consume our coverage of debates, candidate profiles and fact-checking, we know that it’s hard to find the time. So here you have it: a brutally honest run-down on what each person could offer you as a student and who you might choose to vote for, based on your personal priorities.

Last by-election’s voter turnout in 2013 was an abysmal 3.8 per cent, or 1,821 people. If voter turnout is similarly low this time around, the result could be swayed by very few students. No matter who you’re voting for, your vote matters.

Our theory is that the hand sensors were purposely ineffective and their real function was instead a fingerprint scanner created by the government, but we digress. Let us wash our hands (heh) of the old, and shower ourselves in the new (heh heh).

In a post on his Vancouver Sun staff blog earlier today, Todd penned a perfect addition to our spoof issue from the perspective of an old, ornery white man in a comfortable position of privilege who is upset at Breitbarf for making fun of white men.

There was so much content from this year's review issue that not all of it made it into our print issue. With that in mind, here’s our online-only list of the best and most popular long-form pieces that we’ve published this year.

This year, The Ubyssey is doing things a little differently. Instead of publishing candidate profiles where students could read transcriptions of short interviews with each candidate, we’ve restructured it.

During the Great Debate this afternoon, print out this bingo card and show your engagement in student politics by celebrating a full sheet — extra points if you you fill it out in the first 30 minutes.

Another year of sports and recreation at UBC is almost in the books, and that means The Ubyssey‘s esteemed sports panel must answer the hard-hitting questions one last time. Who rose to the top? Who sank to the bottom? What lies ahead for the future?

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